Meet Maya


Please welcome Miss Maya to the Forever Safe family.


Maya is a beautiful little 2 year old kelpie.


Maya has settled into her foster home very well and is enjoying rural life.

She looooves chasing the UTV through the paddocks, she does quite enjoy riding upfront with her people, but her preference is definitely tearing along side with the wind in her fur.

She goes down to the dam frequently, her fur siblings love a good swim and cool off in the water, but Maya hasn’t quite worked out if it’s safe for her or not, so she watches on the sidelines and that’s ok. If she isn’t a keen swimmer then so be it.

She has finally mastered the art of actually returning the ball so it can be thrown again for her to chase and man is she fast!

She still has a keen interest in the chickens, but a few chickens have decided that they like to freerange out of their yard and so far Maya has not had any for lunch, but that doesn’t mean we class them as totally safe around her just yet, but it’s a change from the dog who would eat any feathered thing she could see.

Maya has great recall which means she goes out in the paddocks quite often and can roam and explore happily because her carer knows she won’t wander off and not come when called. It also means that gates can be left open for the day and she won’t leave the house yard unless you are with her.

Maya is just so relaxed, happy and content, her jumping and licking has subsided a little, we still plan to get a trainer in to help with that, but she seems to be just coming into her own.

Maya is such a pleasure to have around and we feel so lucky we were chosen to be a part of her rescue journey